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Advice For Dog Lovers Looking To Find Love Online

When it comes to finding love online, it is unfortunately a little more complicated than simply creating a checklist of your future partner’s ideal qualities, and then finding someone who meets these requirements. The most important thing is to keep an open mind, instead of trying to find the ‘perfect‘ person.

The first step to meeting someone new is to be honest and open about your own personality. When writing up your online dating profile, it’s important to make sure that its contents are a genuine reflection of your interests, your lifestyle and your character. This will make it much easier for the right person to find you. This is why it is crucial that if you’re a dog lover, you include this fact in your profile. The last thing you want to happen is that you find a match, have a great first date, and then learn that your potential partner hates pets!

If you’re a dog lover, you need a dog lovers dating site such as Doggy Double Date. Their goal is to match people that are compatible in all ways, including their love for animals. When you create your unique profile, you should be honest about your interests, your love of pets, and you should avoid relying on clich├ęs to explain what you like. The use of stock phrases such as ‘I have a good sense of humor’ don’t really tell site members about you; if you want to covey this personality trait, it would be better to recount a funny anecdote, or share something that makes you laugh.

Online Dating Profile Tips

When it comes to your photo, remember that although you might want to simply look good, your photos provide you with another opportunity to show off your personality. So, for instance, you could use a flattering portrait for your main image, and then include some other photos which display your interests and lifestyle. For example, if you love to ski, you could show a photo of yourself on the slopes. This is a simple but very effective way to provide site members with some insight into the ‘real’ you.

When researching dating statistics, it was learned that the most successful people on dating sites tend to be those who considered themselves to be open minded in terms of who their ideal partner is. While you might be certain that you like a particular ‘type‘, it’s important to acknowledge the possibility that the person who is right for you may not fit into this mold. Don’t assume that just because a person is slightly older or younger, or looks different to the usual type of person you go for, that they’re not a match. As long as the person shares your passion for dogs, you should be willing to be at least a little flexible on other personality traits. Most importantly, don’t be too specific about your ‘type’ in your profile, as this will result in you eliminating hundreds of possible matches.

Online Dating

Signing up to an online dating agency can be a daunting task, but approached with complete honesty and openness, it can lead to some extremely suitable matches. This process goes against everything we are taught as young people, hence it can be frightening to be so candid, revealing a desire to have children, admitting to wanting marriage and being completely truthful about our interests, and yet this puts us in touch with similarly minded people who have also had enough of game playing and unsuccessful relationships.

It should not comes as a huge surprise that online dating is so successful, increasingly, our lives are conducted via the internet, from shopping to socializing, this is merely the next step. This obsession with all things online, coupled with the busy lives of professionals makes an online service, such as that provided by Doggy Double Date, more than just a convenient way to reach out, it is a necessary proxy for those with little time for vetting potential partners in a real life setting.

The question remains however, can true love, the kind so often defined by generations been and gone, really be found through online dating? A team of psychologists working from a Chicago University think it is, releasing research findings that seem to support the idea that marriages which are a result of an online introduction appear to have a greater chance of lasting than those which come about through more traditional means. This could be due to the volume of potential partners online that allows for a lot of simultaneous ‘talking’ and vetting, whereas ‘real life’ requires a one on one focus of attention, almost requiring a leap of faith from day one.

With dedicated websites available for every interest, lifestyle, religion and sexuality, registration questions ensure that clients are being introduced to people they will have a real affinity with. With Professor Winston, a noted psychologist teaching at Oxford university, claiming that he feels the likelihood of finding lasting love on a dating website is 10-15% more likely than through traditional means, it appears that the success rates claimed by online services, such as Doggy Double Date, have scientific support.

Getting out of a Dating Rut

When you’ve been dating the same person for quite some time, it’s easy to fall into a rut; doing the same things every single week. This predictability and routine can leave you feeling unmotivated and quite frankly, bored. It may even make you wonder if you should end things with the person you’re seeing; however, provided you still like each other, clients of dating sites say that there are ways to escape a dating rut, without breaking up.

Dating Rut

The first thing to do is to talk about it — the only way to tackle the issue is to face it. Your partner might not be aware of how you feel, and may not have even realized that things have gotten a little stale. Try to remain calm and non-critical when you bring up the topic, as otherwise they might feel as if you are calling them boring, or blaming them for how dull things have gotten. Remember, it’s not their job to keep you constantly entertained and if you want things to change, you have to be willing to accept some of the responsibility for the situation you are now in.

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, dating site clients recommend spending a bit of time apart. One of the reasons why a relationship can get a bit predictable is because the couple are constantly either together, or on the phone to one another. This means that you don’t even have a chance to begin to miss each other. By spending a couple of days a week apart, meeting up with your friends or enjoying a hobby, you will start to find that you look forward to your dates that much more. This Elite Daily article is a really fun post about getting out of a dating rut, as told by ten different women.

It’s also crucial to inject some creativity into your dating life; if you usually just opt for a DVD and a bottle of wine, try changing things up; go for a romantic picnic in the park, or if it’s cold outside, play a board game or go ice-skating. There are plenty of fun and interesting things to do — even just picking one new place to visit every week is sure to liven things up. In addition to this, the folks at the Doggy Double Date service recommend planning an adventure together; it needn’t be anything too costly — just a weekend away, or a one-day road trip will give you both something to look forward to together.